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Kyiv School of Economics invites talented students to get the best Economics Education!

We offer two MA programs:

•One-Year MA Program in Business & Financial Economics

•Two-Year MA Program in Economic Analysis.

The most talented students can get scholarships and study for free or pay half tuition fee. For the Economic Analysis program KSE offers 3 full and 15 partial scholarships for 2015/16 academic year.

To support students from the occupied territories of Ukraine KSE announced additional grants for graduates from Donets’k and Lugans’k regions and Crimea. For detailed information please visit — http://www.kse.org.ua/en/about/kse-news/?newsid=935

The deadline for submitting documents is August 3. You can submit your documents in one of the three possible ways — in person, by mail, or using our Online Application System http://apply.kse.org.ua. This year you can apply only by submitting the required documents and passing the interview!

Why KSE master programs are unique for Ukraine?

•The curricula are based on what is taught at leading international universities

•All courses are taught in English

•A combination of international and Western-trained faculty who have strong backgrounds in teaching and research, and outstanding practitioners

•Educational process is built on the principle of Western economic programs; only American and European books are used.

The detailed information about MA program in Economic Analysis is available at http://www.kse.org.ua/en/education/ma-in-economic-analysis/

The detailed information about MA program in Business and Financial Economics is available at http://www.kse.org.ua/en/education/ma-in-business-financial-economics/.

In case you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate contacting us — we will be happy to provide you the support you need.

Best wishes,
KSE Admission Team
phone (044) 492-80-12


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