Course of EU Competition Market and Business Predatory Prices

Course of EU Competition Market and Business Predatory Prices
Name of Professor:

Prof Dr. Riccardo Menghi
Dusseldorf University and Pro-Rector of ARSSUP Switzerland
Module of 4 credits on Bologna scale.
20.10.2016 — 20.11.2016


This module will examine the fundamental principles of US Antitrust Law and EU Competition Law in a comparative perspective. It is designed to accommodate students both with and without prior knowledge of EU Competition and/or Antitrust Law.

The module will examine how the EU legal systems and Internal Market economic System deal with antitrust (competition) issues, such as monopolization/abuse of a dominant position, hard-core cartels and horizontal cooperation, vertical restraints, mergers, state action, and the interplay between competition law and intellectual property rights.

The main objective of the module is to understand the variety of institutional arrangements and fundamental goals of competition System and how these goals influence the approach to specific antitrust issues in the EU.

This process of convergence started under the influence of the Chicago School of Antitrust Economics, and then the Post-Chicago School, and was facilitated by transatlantic exchanges of the US and EU enforcers, inter alia, in the International Competition Network (ICN).

Nevertheless, the different institutional and historical background may result in persisting differences in the approach to some issues. The module will identify areas of convergence, and areas of persisting differences, and will ask from a policy point of view what the reasons for such persisting differences are, and whether they are realistic.

Case Study:
Seminars which are mandatory will treat realistic cases solved within EU Jurisdiction such as Microsoft, Gazprom, General Electric, Credit Lyonnaise, Alitalia, Olympic Airways, etc..

Students to be Granted of a Specialist Diploma has to be present is Paper work at the end of Lectures in a timing announced by a Professor, generally 20 days after Course Completion.

Advantages: Best students Group will be taken by a Foreign Company to training in and outside Belarus, including a trainee in one of the EU Institutions.

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