All students, regardless of specialty get fundamental economic, financial and instrumental training. / Basic courses: Economic Theory, Economic History of Belarus, Informatics, Higher Mathematics, Foreign Language, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Environmental and Natural Resources Economics, National Economics, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Econometrics, Operations Research and Game Theory. Thorough training starts from the second year according to the specialty selected in admission or specialization chosen later./ Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Science

This degree requires students to combine economic theory with empirical investigation, using statistical techniques to investigate questions in public policy and the business/financial fields.

«Economic Theory» (qualification «Economist. Teacher of economic courses»). Duration of Study: 4 years (full-time study). Economic Theory is one of the classical university specialities that provides fundamental and full-fledged knowledge concerning the performance and development of economic systems. The combination of solid theoretical background and practical experience, including that based on the use of modern computer technologies, allows graduates to become multi-skilled specialists and successfully compete at labor markets in Belarus and abroad. Theoretical economists are in demand at banks, research institutions, government organizations, private firms, and institutions of higher education. «Economics» (qualification «Analyst Economist»). Duration of Study: 4 years (full-time study). Economics is a new specialty for the Republic of Belarus. Its study program is similar to the best foreign ones which prepare best analysts in economics with combination of deep theoretical and practical skills and with capability of system economic analysis implementation in practice. Faculty of Economics does not prepare accountants or factory planners, although, certainly, our graduates will be able to work in narrow specializations, for example auditors in EZY. The goal of BSU is to prepare economists for the work in banks, insurance companies, businesses, ministries and agencies as analysts, experts, advisers. «Economic Informatics» (qualification «Economist-Informatics»). Duration of study: 4 years (full-time study). Economic Informatics (Business Informatics or IT-analysis) is one of the most modern and advanced interdisciplinary degree programs of the XXI century. Information Economist is a professional with advanced knowledge in computer science, economics and IT marketing. Obtained competences would help our degree holders to analyze, design, implement and support management information systems and provide consulting services in the field of process analysis and technology implementation. Degree program creation is caused by a significant increase in the labor demand of economists-informatics made by the banking institutions and organizations with high maturity level of business process automation. Our graduates are employed by the residents of the Hi-Tech Park Belarus and act as a liaison between developers and international customers. Learning content of the “Economic Informatics” degree program is created in cooperation with partners from Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden.

«Finance and Credit» (qualification «Economist», direction: banking and finance). Duration of study: full-time education — 4 years. Part-time education (first degree) — 5 years, part-time education (second degree) – 3 years, contracted form of education (for alumni of specialized secondary schools) — 3 years. Training is carried out in the area of Banking and Finance. «Banking» — includes preparing specialists for modern banks: the banks of the market economy in the era of internet banking. The curriculum is focused on the preparation of the bank analysts who manage modern technologies of financial engineering. Specialty «Finance» is aimed at the preparation of financial analysts, specialists in the area of financial management for profit-making companies and organizations. «Management» (qualification «Economist-manager», direction: International Management, Innovation Management. Duration of study: full-time education — 4 years. Part-time education (first degree) — 5 years, part-time education (second degree) – 3 years, contracted form of education (for alumni of specialized secondary schools) — 3 years. Training is carried out in two directions «International Management» и «Innovation Management». The curriculum combines theory with business games, video training, tests, different on-site studies including those overseas. This allows future managers in the BSU to develop skills of general managerial functions, international trade and innovation management.

Master’s Degree Specialties include the following courses: Fundamentals of information Тechnology, Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Foreign Language, Econometrics (advanced level), Optimization of Financial Management, Competition, Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher School, Foreign Economic Activity (discipline of choice), E-business (discipline of choice), Venture Activities (discipline of choice), Mathematical Models in Economics (Economic Analysis), Marketing Management (discipline of choice), International Banking (discipline of choice), Project Financing (discipline of choice), Research Seminar (for practice-oriented specialties) etc. Duration of study: 2 years Scientifically-oriented specialties «Mathematical and instrumental methods of Economics» «Economic Тheory» «Finance, monetary circulation and credit» «Economics and Мanagement of National Economy» Post graduate students are awarded a Master’s Degree in Economic Sciences. Practice-oriented specialties «Economics» «Economic Informatics» «Innovation Management» «Economics and Management» «Finance and credit» Post graduate students are awarded a Master’s Degree in Economics. «Industrial Мanagement» The international programme in Industrial Management taught in English in cooperation with German partner University of applied sciences Mittweida gives students opportunity to get joint Master degree in Belarus and Germany. Post graduate students are awarded a Master’s Degree in Manageement.

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