Economic theory


There will be no recruitment for the specialty «Economic Theory» in the 2022-2023 academic year.

«There is nothing more practical than a good theory»
Niels Bohr

The first scientific and practical branch of economic knowledge — political economy — arose back in 1615 and subsequently provided a theoretical basis for economic policy, and then for all other economic disciplines, generating to this day scientific ideas and theoretical constructions, models, research methods and practical analysis tools. The first, which lays the foundation for all other economic disciplines.

Its elitism is determined by the task assigned to it: the development of a strategy for the development of the country as a whole, industries and areas, business processes, optimization of interaction between them, and the development of appropriate economic mechanisms.

Form of education

Form of education:

full-time, training period — 4 years


Economist. Economics lecturer

Features of admission for foreign applicants!

Full information on the admission of foreign citizens to the Faculty of Economics of the Belarusian State University, as well as contacts for obtaining advice, are posted on the website of the International Relations Department of the Belarusian State University.

What will you learn?

The accumulated practice allows us to determine the following areas of possible professional activity of a specialist trained on a fundamental social and humanitarian, natural science, general professional basis and special knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • political and economic sphere
  • national, intersectoral (sectoral) and regional levels of the economy, corporate and intra-company economic activity
  • area of ​​modern theoretical knowledge, reflecting various aspects of socio-economic development (countries, firms)
  • experimental and applied economics
  • pedagogical activity (university, college, technical school, gymnasium, school).

Jobs of graduates

  • Social and Economic Policy Specialist
  • Public Sector Specialist
  • Economist of a commercial organization, state enterprise or institution
  • Economist of the Strategic Planning Department
  • Lecturer at the university and institutions of secondary specialized and vocational education
  • Top manager-economist
  • Securities Market Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Specialist in high technologies and information economy
  • Consultant on financial and economic issues

Advantages of obtaining a specialization Economic theory

A systematic approach to solving any issues

Solid starting professional, intelligent base

In-depth study of foreign languages

High level of digital proficiency

An effective combination of economic and pedagogical disciplines

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