Foreign applicants


Анна Анатольевна Королева

Anna Koroleva

Dean of the Faculty, Associate Professor

Dear applicants!

Studying at the Faculty of Economics of BSU is prestigious and honorable. I am glad to invite motivated, talented and not afraid of difficulties young people to our faculty.

With us you can get a higher education of the international level, learn from the best scientists and practitioners of Belarus.

About faculty

More than 20 years the Faculty of Economics graduates specialists in the banking sector, managers at enterprises, entrepreneurs and leaders in the small and medium-sized businesses and information technologies.


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Key dates

July 1 — October 15
Applying for a study visa
Language proficiency interview

August 20 — October 15
Personal submission of documents
Conclusion of a contract
Medical examination

until October 15

Features of admission for foreign applicants!

Full information on the admission of foreign citizens to the Faculty of Economics of the Belarusian State University, as well as contacts for obtaining advice, are posted on the website of the International Relations Department of the Belarusian State University.

Faculty presentation

Dean of the faculty about teaching foreigners

First stage of higher education

The education at the first stage of higher education (bachelor’s degree) at the Faculty of Economics of BSU is conducted in 6 areas:

Graduation of foreign students

Second stage of higher education

The education at the second stage of higher education (master’s degree) of the Faculty of Economics of BSU in Russian is implemented in the following areas:


  • Analytical Economics and Business Analytics
  • Economics and Management at the Enterprise

Finance, taxation and Credit:

  • Financial Technologies and Banking


  • Innovation management
  • Management of media projects (2 years)

The education at the second stage of higher education (master’s degree) of the Faculty of Economics of BSU for foreign citizens in English is implemented in the following areas:


  • HR Analytics
  • Economics and Innovative Management of Enterprises»

Finance, Taxation and Credits:

  • Finance in Digital Economy


  • Applied Economics, Management and Law
  • Applied Economics, Management and Ecology

Industrial Management (2 years)

The Faculty of Economics implements a joint master’s degree program «Industrial Management», jointly with the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida (Germany), which involves obtaining master’s degrees from two universities: the Mittweida Higher School (Germany) and the Belarusian State University (Belarus).

«Industrial management» curriculum involves wide range of courses and areas of professional development in business management, engineering and the media sciences. It allows masters to meet the demand of globalization in the job market and the whole world.

Such a set of disciplines and approaches makes it possible to improve the international interlinking of companies. Training includes a specialization in mid-level management responsibility in private industry, the service sector or public administrations.

Advantages of getting an education at the Faculty of Economics of BSU

International higher education

Joint academic programs with universities in China and European countries

Lecturers - the best scientists in the country and practitioners from various business areas

Highly paid and in-demand work, career growth or your own business

100% employment, diploma recognition in almost any country

Сombining humanitarian and mathematical education

Join the life of the faculty!