Interview with a foreign graduate Cheng Zhang

Cheng Zhang is a graduate of the Master’s program at the Faculty of Economics of BSU, majoring in Economics. Now he is successfully building a career in China and shared with us the story of his development as a successful financial specialist.

— Could you tell us about studying and living in Belarus?

— From 2019 to 2020, I pursued a Master’s degree in Economics at the Faculty of Economics of BSU. Upon graduating in 2020, I proceeded to Barcelona to further my studies. I was particularly struck by the kindness of everyone I encountered. Each professor was eager to address my queries and provide assistance, while the students willingly shared insights on navigating academic and daily life in Belarus.


— Where have you been working after graduating from the Faculty of Economics of BSU? How did you find your job?

— I am currently employed in China‘s financial regulatory sector, a role for which I was extensively preparing, including passing the civil service exam. My foundational knowledge in Python and Eviews, acquired at BSU, proved invaluable as I expanded my skills to include SQL, Stata, and R. While initially I underestimated their importance, these skills have become essential in my current position.

Subsequently, I experienced rapid career advancement, currently holding the position of deputy section chief within the financial regulatory department. Following my graduation from BSU, I pursued further studies in data analytics in Barcelona. My next goal is to pursue a part-time PhD in Finance, building on my existing expertise and experience.


— What motivated you to get a degree in Economics?

— Economics aligns closely with my undergraduate studies, which influenced my decision to pursue it as my major.

— Which teachers are you especially grateful to and what subject was your favorite and why?

— I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to each professor at BSU. In particular, I would like to express my deep appreciation for the guidance and support provided by my microeconomics teacher, Olga Tryasunova. Her mentorship was invaluable, and her expertise has greatly enriched my learning experience. Our relationship endures, and I am profoundly thankful to BSU for fostering this connection.

— How have you used or plan to use your knowledge which you’ve received during your studying?

— The most critical skill for me is the comprehension and analysis of economic data. In my current role, I predominantly analyze data from the financial sector, necessitating adept use of SQL and Python skills that were initiated through my studies at BSU.

— What are your short-term and long-term career goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

— In the short term, my goal is to continuously enhance my professional skills by pursuing relevant professional licenses. Looking ahead, my long-term aspiration is to maintain a commitment to ongoing education, regardless of my location or circumstances.

— Have you heard that the Faculty of Economics is turning 25 this year? Perhaps you have some wishes for your alma mater?

— I earnestly hope that BSU continues to excel as one of the premier universities, and I extend my heartfelt wishes for happiness and success to all my esteemed professors and fellow classmates.

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