Economic informatics


An informatics economist is a professional in the field of IT development, economics and finance, as well as Internet marketing and SMM.

Such specialists are in great demand in organizations with a high level of automation of business processes at enterprises of any form of ownership and fields of activity.

The curriculum of the specialty meets the requirements of modernity, such as the digitalization of economic processes, the emergence of crypto-exchanges, the spread of blockchain technologies and the Internet of things, and the widespread introduction of Data Science technologies.

economicheskaya inforamatika

Form of education

Form of education:

full-time, training period — 4 years


Economist. Computer scientist

Features of admission for foreign applicants!

Full information on the admission of foreign citizens to the Faculty of Economics of the Belarusian State University, as well as contacts for obtaining advice, are posted on the website of the International Relations Department of the Belarusian State University.

What will you learn?

  • develop Internet projects and web applications, chat bots
  • adapt artificial intelligence systems to economic tasks and program in 1C
  • work with ERP, CRM and BI systems, digital platforms and digital economy technologies, cloud technologies
  • work in the field of data analysis, business analysis, SMM and more others

Jobs of graduates


  • business analyst (system analyst)
  • data analysts (Data Science)
  • system architects (business architect)
  • web developers
  • SMM-specialists, Internet marketers
  • sales managers for IT solutions and complex technical systems
  • project managers (team lead)
  • information systems consultants
  • system administrators, database administrators, etc.

Advantages of obtaining a specialization Economic informatics

Work in a high-yield and fast-growing industry

Consistently high demand for specialists

A wide range of opportunities for professional development

Career prospects in the IT field

Obtaining up-to-date knowledge from leading scientists of the country and practitioners from well-known international IT companies

Skills of practical work on real projects. Assistance in organizing your own business.

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