Economics and Enterprise Innovative Management

The main aim of «Economics and Enterprise Innovative Management» master program is to train master students who meet the following requirements:

  • have the professional skills of effective business management;
  • get the experience in organization of innovative production;
  • are capable in ensuring an enterprise strategic competitiveness in local and foreign markets;
  • can makerisk decisions under uncertain conditions.

The theoretical knowledge and professional skills provided by the master program will help the graduates:

  • to manage the growth of the enterprise capitalization, its innovative and investment projects;
  • to analyze and to evaluate markets in the conditions of growing uncertainty;
  • to develop the innovative enterprise strategic development in modern economic conditions;
  • to controlthe enterprise upstream and downstream supply chains;
  • todesign the information support for the enterprise management systems using computer technologies, etc.

The specifics of this master program lies in the deep learning of the economics and management aspects of the innovative enterprisesdevelopment. This course includes the modern theoretical and practical training in the following subjects:

  • Sustainable Economy
  • International Business Expansion
  • Modern Concepts of Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Organization Innovative Development
  • Enterprise Supply Chain Management
  • HR-Management
  • Information Support of Marketing Solutions
  • Management of Advanced Economy

The term of study is 1 year Education in English